VR Suitcase for HTC Vive

Take your VR content wherever you go

Update September 19th, 2017: Now shipping with Deluxe Audio-Headstrap and updated cut-out foam design!

The VR Suitcase for HTC Vive is your all-in-one solution for showing your VR content everywhere. The independent system works without power outlet, is set up in only 3 minutes and doesn't require any tech skills.

Imagine if you could build up a room scale VR installation in seconds anywhere – in a coffee shop, in the park or at your customers place. Less wires, simple to use, not dependent on power outlets. We took the challenge to build a convenient mobile solution for everyone who wants to bring his VR content anywhere: the Innoactive® VR Suitcase for HTC Vive.

With a set-up time of 3 minutes, the easily assembled VR suitcase comes with everything needed from a high-performance, VR-ready laptop to the HTC Vive, rechargeable batteries and two carbon monopods. Everything is already pre-wired and securely protected against impacts and splash water. Base stations are battery-powered with all-day battery life. Controllers can be charged whilst on the go.

And as you are a professional: It ships with HTC Vive Business Edition with international warranty and fast replacements. You can buy it with or without Vive BE. Many of you asked to have a faster graphics card or buy it without notebook. You can now do so. Send us your feedback, we are listening to you: vrsuitcase@innoactive.de

Buy VR Suitcase for HTC VIVE

€6,999.00 + 19% VAT
VAT only applicable for deliveries to Germany or companies in the EU without a valid EU VAT ID. We only sell to businesses with a legal entity.


  • Blazingly fast set-up time

    Setup everything in just 3 minutes! The pre-wired notebook docking station is ready to use. Everything is fool proof: Plug in the Vive, place base stations, do a room setup and you are done.

  • 100% battery powered

    The integrated rechargeable batteries for base stations and Vive headset allow you to set-up your HTC Vive literally everywhere.

  • Charge your controllers on-the-go

    With the integrated power bank, your HTC Vive controllers are charged when stored in the suitcase.

  • Premium hand-crafted design

    Laser cut foam and carbon fiber body of monopod plates and notebook docking station. Made in Germany with love.

  • Robust high quality suitcase

    Protected transportation with waterproof case (IP6). Offers TSA-conform combination lock.

  • Airline checkable

    All batteries and notebook can be removed for secure baggage check. Total weight is below 23 kg / 50 lbs.